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A Conversation on a Plane

19 Jul 2016 » quotes

So you’re thinking something like this?

Author: [fiddles with headphone jack]
Author: [fiddles with headphone jack some more]
Author: "Hey, can I borrow some tweezers? I think this headphone jack is busted and I want to adjust these headphones so they'll work."
Seat Passenger: "No problem."
Author: [starts stripping the wires from his headphones]
Seat Passenger (thinking): "Stay cool, Phillip, this guy is clearly a
Author: [plugs in headphones]
Author: "Hey, it works! Thanks, bud!"
Seat Passenger (thinking): "Where is that god damned air marshall. Oh god, what am I going to do?!"

x1798DE imagining how it might have gone when OP started to work on a malfunctioning headphone jack on an airplane.

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